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I am from the USA or CND and have residency in Mexico, or I am mexican and I want a PESO mortgage.

I am from the USA, CND and have residency in Mexico, or I am Mexican and I want a peso mortgage.


Up to 20 years.


From 9% to 12%.


Up to 90% of the property value!


650 or no significant late monthly payments.


Mexican nationals are required to present a valid official ID. Non-Mexicans must present their Mexican residency status (temporary or permanent).


Life and property insurance are required. In the US and Canada, property/ hazard insurance would also be required. Premiums depend on the value of the property and the loan amount. Premiums are paid via the monthly mortgage payment.


Tax returns, paystubs, bank statements. Documentation from Mexico is preferred, but documentation from US or Canada may be accepted.


Only about 2 weeks would be added to the time-frame of a ¨cash¨ closing scenario. (The two weeks is to receive the appraisal).

*Terms and conditions are subject to modifications.

*We invite you to request an Estimate of the Loan Conditions from your CBI representative using your specific purchase price and loan amount.

CBI is your trusted broker that simplifies the process to obtain your mortgage.

  • Owning your property in Mexico can be a reality! Mortgages are available to Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, and citizens of other countries.
  • We develop exclusive mortgage products, offering the most attractive market conditions. CBI offers the largest variety of mortgages options available in Mexico!
  • Borrowers are not required to have ties to Mexico – no income, credit or bank statements in Mexico are required to qualify. 
  • Note: You cannot go to a bank in the US or Canada to obtain your mortgage. Banks in the US and Canada do not lend to purchase property in Mexico.
  • We coordinate the entire process of the transaction: gathering your loan file, reviewing the conditions, mortgage approval, due diligence, Escrow, closing and deed processes.

Acquiring a property in Mexico is within your reach!

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