CBI, your reliable mortgage ally.

We are leaders in the industry, with a competitive advantage that will streamline all of your real estate and closing coordination for property purchases in Mexico.

Our team has extensive experience in mortgages and deed coordination for foreign nationals and Mexicans. We dominate the areas of opportunity to facilitate and expedite the procedures for acquiring real estate in Mexico.

We work hand in hand with real estate agents and together we form a team that helps foreign nationals and Mexicans to acquire property in Mexico. We simplify the process to obtain your client´s deed hassle-free!

If you are a real estate agent or developer, CBI is the mortgage broker ally you are looking for to provide your clients with the services to maximize their experience. 

  • A bilingual team, expert in legal processes for obtaining a mortgage and closing on property in Mexico.
  • We have been industry leaders since 2011, developing new mortgage products and offering a variety of options. We are specialized brokers and are constantly updating our skills.
  • We save time and resources for our clients during the deeding process.

  • We guarantee compliance with current banking and financial laws in all transactions.
  • We build strong, long-term business alliances driven by productivity and integrity.
  • We are backed by leading real estate agents, developers throughout Mexico, as well as AMPI.

CBI, the strategic ally that positively impacts your positioning in the real estate sector.

Our professionalism ensures an efficient and transparent closing process. As a result, our clients can fulfill their goal of obtaining their property in Mexico.

Joshua Rappaport

General Director

Karina López

Underwriter Director

Maximiliano Bobadilla

Closing Lawyer Director

Kenia Gonzalez

Closing Lawyer

Luis Bodadilla

Closing Lawyer

Adriana Cuevas




As a successful mortgage broker since 2011, we provide our clients with expert guidance, maximizing the potential for a sale. We are your professional ally in the competitive real estate market!

Learn about our different procedures and strategic plans, creating a win-win alliance with real estate brokers and real estate developers. We are united by the same goal: complete customer satisfaction!

We are expert mortgage brokers

We are expert mortgage brokers

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